IMPORTANT INFORMATION:    (please copy/paste this info onto your personal computer for further reference)

Your final grade will be submitted to Endicott College within 2 weeks of the course closing date. 

Your "official" grade report will be mailed to you directly from Endicott College, via the Postal Service, approximately 2 weeks after grades have been submitted.

PLEASE NOTE - if you plan on using this course for initial certification for Administration you will need to request an official transcript from Endicott College (your official "grade report" will not suffice for initial certification).  Mail your unopened transcript to the address below.

You may request an official transcript online - (Please Note: Under Course Information where it asks you to indicate Courses Taken Through , please choose "other".   

Maine Department of Education, Certification Dept.
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME  04333-0023

(207) 624-6603